Title: Single-pass Bi-Static SAR Tomography (TomoSAR-1B)
Status: Contracted, In-progress
Customer: European Space Agency
Contract no.: 4000124573/18/NL/CBi

Technical summary

The goal of the proposal is to prototype an architecture for single-pass bistatic synthetic aperture radar (SAR) tomography using as transmitter of opportunity the C-band Sentinel-1A/B satellite and to produce a portable (miniaturised) ground-based stationary bistatic SAR receiver with several receive antennas (and acquisition channels) that form the elevation aperture.

The main technical objectives that will be followed during the project are:

  • To design and prototype an architecture of single-pass bistatic SAR tomography in C-band;
  • To analyse, select and validate a suitable configuration of receive antennas;
  • To design and produce a miniaturised ground-based stationary bistatic SAR receiver;
  • To define, implement and validate the necessary processing chain to obtain and analyse bistatic SAR tomograms of a surveyed area (single and double scatters detection, elevation profile estimation).


The achievement of these objectives will be demonstrated by means of validation in various imaging scenarios.